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About us

Welcome to the society for the protection and care of animals on Gozo. Gozo SPCA was founded back in 1976 by a few people who were dedicated to improving the welfare of small animals on the island. Initially, we operated as a branch of the SPCA (Malta) but now we are a completely separate organisation. We work closely with the Government Department Animal Welfare Gozo and the animal rescue organisations in Malta, however, we are the only charity animal rescue organisation on Gozo. A clinic was set up in the premises that are used today as a busy strays and re-homing centre. The society works closely with the island veterinarians and all the animals are given regular health checks.

Please visit our Facebook page for the latest updates and more details of the animals we currently have available for adoption.


SMS donate
To make a donation, please send an SMS to one of the following numbers – your account will be debited with the amount listed:

€1.16 – 50616116
€2.33 – 50617375
€4.66 – 50618061
€6.99 – 50618904
€11.65 – 50619204

Bank transfer
HSBC Account Number: 071089122001
HSBC Bank Account: SPCA (GOZO)
Sort Code: 44-071
IBAN Code: MT43MMEB44716000000071089122001
Swift Code: MMEBMTMT



Each day our team of volunteers help with the day-to-day care of the animals at the Centre, involving cleaning, feeding, exercising and training the animals. We always welcome volunteer care helpers at the centre and particularly dog walkers morning and late afternoon. If you have some time to spare email us or telephone us on +356 2155 3769 or 9947 5199.


We are continually seeking foster homes to provide shelter for dogs that would otherwise be left to roam the streets.

As a foster home, you have the opportunity to provide temporary shelter to a homeless dog in need of a permanent home. The duration of the stay may vary from a few days to several weeks or months. During their stay, you are responsible for providing care and attention to the dog, including bathing, grooming, dental hygiene, nail trimming, and tick removal.

The transition to a foster home can be challenging for some dogs. Many dogs may have never experienced a comfortable bed, daily walks, or the love and attention of a caring owner. As a result, it is essential to provide a calm and supportive environment that caters to the dog’s specific needs, including peace and quiet and attention to areas of concern.

If you are interested in fostering email us or telephone us on +356 2155 3769 or 9947 5199.

Official government advice

Found a stray dog?

Call Animal Welfare on 79691717. If the dog is friendly enough that it comes up to you and you are not afraid of dogs try and hold the dog until the Animal Welfare Ambulance arrives on site to avoid the dog getting injured. If the dog is not coming up to you or you do not feel comfortable touching the dog, ideally follow the dog so that when the ambulance team call you when they are almost on site you can give them the exact location of where the dog is.
The law (*) gives you several options:

  • return to owner if known
  • deliver dog to the nearest police station
  • deliver dog to a registered sanctuary, but they are under no legal obligation to take the dog
  • if you wish to keep the dog, take it to the nearest police station to make a report and to check for a chip. After 7 days you can claim ownership



Need an ID-Tag for your dog or cat?

It is now a legal requirement (along with microchipping) for dogs whilst in public, and the law is now being enforced. Gozo SPCA has a range of tags that they will hand engrave for just €3 each, which includes p&p within the Maltese Islands. We can also send it overseas.

The tags come in small, medium, large, and a range of colours (red, silver, gold, blue, pink, purple) and 3 shapes round, bone and heart – all combinations are available other than large pink heart – please email with any questions or to order. Payment can be by cash on by electronic transfer to our HSBC account, or by Paypal (PayPal is € 3.50 per tag due to higher fees).

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By the Playing Field, Victoria, Gozo, Malta

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